Since I had the precious document in hands I was able to make a tour around the “Père Lachaise” and to think about what would be necessary to bring the car back to life.
The documents provided by the owner’s wife, together with the papers showed that it was an exceptional car and with the help of some Belgian people as fond of this model as me, I was able to rebuild the following story. I thank them again to have been able to safeguard the elements of its story in order to make it still alive today.
The engine still had all its original pieces which happens rarely, but can be explained easily because Tuerlinx had been importing GM models and helping the former maker clandestinely. It had to be done so.
One of the Ravenel brothers, famous participant of Le Mans 24 hours, bought such a car in 1973 just a few months before the tragic death of Chris Tuerlinx in a car accident. He brought it from Herentals to the Sarthe department on its four wheels. He got short of fuel twice.
I confirm that only a 396 engine can make you believe your tank has been made out of “Lourdes Lace”.
From Le Mans, the car took part into several races among whiche`Saint Gervais’ in 1973. But I didn’t succeed yet in screening all its historical performances.

Then it was put into sale as early as April 1974 by Greder for the equivalent amount of FF45.000. To make a comparison, at the same period, Ferraris 330 and Porsches 911 could be found at FF25.000 and FF12.000 or Alpine Gr4 from factory at FF40.000.
Then the car was bought by Paul Quarin in 1975, because he was willing to participate into races. But the car had several problems and it was put in a warehouse; it didn’t run any more and was kept sleeping until I bought it.
At this stage…it’s interesting to make parallels between their family story and mine.
- The Tuerlinx and Ravenels have been racing with Opel Commodore in Spa and Le Mans respectively. At this period, my parents also had a Commodore and I had an Opel Manta, as Tuerlinx as well as a Pontiac Trans Am.
- So, we all have owned this Camaro model, two or three years the same age, included Paul Quarin.
- Another interesting thing, is that after so many incidents and so many “foot through the floor session” made mainly by Tuerlinx, the car had remained as it was originally, without being altered except for some replacements made on the right wing. Some wheels studs had also been replaced because they didn’t resist strain (see picture of Saint Gervais race). Moreover I immediately noticed several sets of new studs among all the pieces.

Before starting telling you about the details of its rebirth, I’ve been looking for its history.

Here are the details I happened to know today:

- Spa 24 hours n3 Hanser-Poirot DNF.
- May : Spa Cup 3rd
- June : Zolder Grand Prize 8st
- July : Benelux Cup Zandvoort - general position : first - best lap at 202.6 km/h

- Spa 24 hours n4 Duvigneaud-Hoffmans – general position: seventeenth
- Circuits championship 7 races in 2 or 3 sets the “Chris Tuerlinx” - general position: Second
- May : Spa Cup First Trophy BSR – mean Speed: 187.69 kmh
- July : Benelux Zandvoort Cup – general position: sixteenth
- September : Future Zolder Cup – general position: First – mean speed: 124 kmh
- 20 September : "Verviers 3 hours" in Francorchamps, abandonment.

- Spa 24 hours Ortmans-Duvigeaud DNF
- Circuits championship Tuerlinx - general position: Second
- April : Zolder North Seas Trophy - general position: third
- May : Zolder North Seas Trophy - general position: first – mean speed: 129.237 kmh
- May : Spa Cup - general position: first
- June : Chimais Borders Grand Prize - general position: first - tour best performance: 169.581 kmh
- June : Zolder Belgium Cup “Kent 300” general position: first – mean speed: 127.449 kmh
- July : Benelux Cup general position: eighth
- September : Nivelles Future Cup general position: first – mean speed: 127.449 kmh
- October : Race of "Tros Marets", winner of the Group 1.

- Tuerlinx wins the Circuits championship in Gr. 1.
- March : Zolder Belgium Cup DNF
- April : Nivelles North Seas Trophy - general position: first - mean speed: 126.898 kmh
- May : Zolder Grand Prize – general position: first – mean speed: 116.915 kmh
- May : Spa Cup – general rank: first – mean speed: 181.981 kmh
- May : Chimais Borders Grand Prize – first rank – mean speed: 169.516 kmh
- July : Zandvoort Benelux Cup – general position: first – mean speed: 124.881 and 1972 Champion
- October : Zolder Future Cup – general rank: first

During these three years, teams: Trans Europe, Riz’la, Eur Oil.
Tuerlinx’ Camaro has been rented and part of the same team participated into the three Spa races. It is also important to know that Tuerlinx and Grauls used to race with ex Trans.Am Camaros because they were so well prepared that they were in pole position but they never finished the 24 hours. Generally speaking there had been very few American cars which overcame the 24 hours, either Spa or Le Mans!!!

The rules of the races changed and therefore Tuerlinx sold the Camaro which was transferred towards the Sarthe department.
- Saint Gervais race (?) and maybe other races of which I found no records

sold to Paul Quarin who never drove it and who died unfortunately a few years later (until 1998).

the car is discovered by your story-teller and bought in 1998